Rug Styles

Some styles of rugs refer to the region from which that style originated, such as Persian, Oriental, or Southwestern. Knowing a little bit about the different styles of rugs can help you make a well-informed decision when its time to pick area rugs for your home or office. Many people incorrectly believe that Persian rugs and Oriental rugs are similar, like peas in a pod, but each style of rug has its own distinct designs and characteristics.

Contemporary style rugs are often described as art for your floor, although we personally feel that term can be applied to numerous styles of rugs. Transitional Rugs cover a broad range of designs that fall in between the traditional Oriental and Persian rug styles and the contemporary rug category, where "anything goes" is often an understatement. As we have stated elsewhere, we like all rugs, but transitional styles of rugs are often our favorite.

Rugs with floral and botanical patterns, both subdued and otherwise, are good examples of transitional rugs. Tibetan Rugs that follow the traditional designs have a square 'tiger' pattern. Shag area rugs , a popular look in the 1970s, are making a comeback as a rug of choice for many people. Braided area rugs are one of the most popular styles of rugs. Another style of rug is the Rustic Area Rug. With so many styles of rugs to choose from, decorating is not only fun, it's an adventure!

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