Acrylic Rugs

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The beauty of acrylic carpet fiber is that you get the great look and feel of a wool rug but is far less expensive. Acrylic carpets have very low static levels. Also they are resistant to mildew and moisture. Because of this they are often used in bathrooms, but acrylic area rugs can really be put anywhere in the home. However acrylic is not quite as durable as wool, so it should stay away from very high traffic areas.

Acrylic carpet (also known as art wool and man-made wool) is a man-made fiber not found in nature. Since it is man-made, it costs far less than wool, but is constructed to have a very similar feel. And not only do acrylic area rugs resist static and mildew, they also are very good preventing fading, staining, and even sun damage.

Acrylic fibers are produced from acrylonitrile. The acrylonitrile is combined with small amounts of different chemicals which helps it's resistance of stains. Some acrylic fibers are dry spun and others are wet spun. The difference between the two types of spinning is how the acrylic is extruded and removed from the solvent it is mixed with.

Acrylic fiber is actually used in many industries besides area rugs. It distinguishes itself because it maintains an uneven surface no matter how it is extruded.