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Contemporary rugs are our personal favorites here at We love the look that contemporary area rugs can bring to a home, and are much more versatile than you may think. We've seen many clients put their modern area rugs in trendy lofts going up across many major cities in the US, but they also have a place in the everyday home. Contemporary rugs are truly floor art and are good to bring color to a room similar to a painting on the wall. Modern rugs are a great easy way to make a bland beige room a bit more exciting.

Since many contemporary rugs make a bold statement, they are great to design around. They can certainly be the focal point of the room, so if you are redesigning a room completely you may want to FIRST purchase your rug and then choose other elements in the room to work with your rug. You'll want to choose furniture that can work with the style of your contemporary rug. These rugs really work great with furniture and walls of solid color or minimal print.