Talk about Cutting A Rug.
The Best Dancers on the Net You've Never Seen.

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1.) Acrobatic Break Dancer:This is some of the most acrobatic breakdancing ever. This guy has amaing strength and precision. He looks like his body is weightless
2.) Dance Battle - Real life Dance Off;These kids have some of the most unique Chorieography I've ever seen. These kids are truly talented artits. I'd like to see them go up against some professional cheerleaders any day.
3.) Disabled Breakdancer:This guy gives able bodied dancers a real run for their money. He's pretty inspirational and I love what he can do with those are braces. He seems weightless.
4.) The Terminator Busts a Move:This is a Russian Bodybuildier doing the Robod. He's as creative as he is built. Definitely should be in the running if they ever make another terminator movie.
5.) Poppin Hyun Joon:Looks like this kid has been playing a little too much Dance Dance Revolution. This guy blows the "So you think you can dance" kids out of the sky. WOW.
6.) Unbelievable Popper:This guy beats the crap out of Hyun Joon, if you can believe it. He's got to be one of the most talented hip-hop "poppers" i've ever seen.
7.) Wedding Dancers:These newly married couples have a little something up their sleeves. You've got to check them out.

And....some of the worst.

8.) Robot Girl:I wonder if this was Choreographed or improvised. This girl is awesome and someone should hook her up with that Russian Bodybuilder
9.) Orthodox Jew Breakdancer:

This guy is lucky he didnt break his neck. Talk about a "wanna-be." Wow.

10.) Ben The Breakdancer: Maybe if this kid had seen our previous video, he would have given his little foray into breakdancing a little more thought. Idiot.
11.) Sucky StripperIf this doesn't make you laugh, nothing will. This Wanna-Be Stripper bites it, hard.

12.) Sucky Celebrities:Beyonce falls during a performance. Britney trips in Japan....and Shaq participates in a good old fashioned dance off.