Illumination Collection - 5920 Golden Sand Rug

Brand: Unique Carpets
Starting Price: $1,295.00 + Free Shipping

Product Details

The Illumination Collection features a large, thick-and-thin white yarn of pure New Zealand Wool is augmented by a thin, subtly-tinted nylon yarn. This bright yarn accentuates the subdued luster of wool and adds sparkling color and shimmering highlights to the long, flowing texture of Illumination. This collection will add warmth and character to any decor. Material: 80% New Zealand Wool & 20% Nylon.
Size Price
5' x 8'$1395.00
6' x 9'$1695.00
7' x 10'$2195.00
8' x 10'$2495.00
8' x 11'$2795.00
9' x 12'$3395.00
9' x 13'$3695.00
10' x 14'$4395.00
12' x 15'$5695.00
6' Square$1295.00
7' Square$1695.00
8' Square$1995.00
9' Square$2495.00
10' Square$3195.00
11' Square$3795.00
12' Square$4595.00
13' Square$5395.00
14' Square$6195.00
15' Square$7195.00
6' Round$1295.00
7' Round$1695.00
8' Round$1995.00
9' Round$2495.00
10' Round$3195.00
11' Round$3795.00
12' Round$4595.00
13' Round$5395.00
14' Round$6195.00
15' Round$7195.00

Estimated Shipping Time

4-6 weeks. This rug is a custom order and cannot be cancelled. Please ask about custom sizes.
Construction: Machine Made
Material: Wool
Style: Shag
Color: Brown

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