Layered Rugs: The New Trend

There's been a lot of buzz in the interior design world lately about the newest trends for this year. Choosing a design craze for your home can make your space look fashion-forward, but you always run the risk of looking dated rather quickly. However, it's possible to look stylish and trendy without having to completely redesign in six months! One particular look for this year-- layered flooring-- promises to offer new and interesting uses long after the trend wears off.

Layered flooring is the art of creating an entirely new look by "blending" area rugs. The San Fransisco Chronicle reported it as one of the 10 interior design trends of 2010 that "actually has some staying power", noting that it can work for both hard floors and carpeted floors.

[caption] Photo: Apartment Therapy was one of the first to notice the trend of layered rugs.

For hard wood, tile, and non-carpeted flooring, layering rugs can create a wonderful texture and warmth for a room. Choosing patterns and colors that compliment each other, like a solid, bold tone paired with a funky design, or a handful of rugs of the same design, each in a different color, can create a unique look that just one rug cannot achieve. And the best part is if you ever get tired of the design, you can switch out one rug for another to entirely change the look, or you can simply separate the multiple rugs into different rooms, adding a new dimension to other areas of your home.

For carpeted floor, layering one or two area rugs can not only add some pizazz to a tired space, but it can also save the cost and trouble of ripping out old carpeting. Plus, it can be especially beneficial if a particular room has an odd or unusual shape: By laying thin, smaller rugs, you can cover the appropriate space without searching for an oddly shaped rug to match what you need.

[caption] Photo: Swedish photographer Ulrika Ekblom captures the unique nature of layered rugs perfectly in this children's room.

It's hard to tell whether the layered rug trend is here to stay, but it certainly allows for many different decorating possibilities. If you're looking to get creative, blending rugs is a wonderful way to add some style and character to your space!