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Art Beneath Your Feet: A Wide Range of Fine Quality Purple  Rugs

At Plaza Rugs, we are committed to provide you with a widest  assortment of high quality rugs that bear a hallmark of impeccable craftsmanship  and progressive manufacturing technology. We provide rugs of a variety of  styles, brands, regions and colors, and purple rugs are no exception.

This season, purple is a color that is filling up the floors  all around. Purple area rugs give your rooms a subtle sense of aristocracy  while exuding a calm serenity. We offer a wide range of purple rugs, and you can  choose from different shades, such as lilac, pomegranate, beige, grape, and  more!

Our collections have been specifically designed to cater to  every customer’s specific needs. While Revolution, Eliza and Cosmo Ultra offer  beautiful patterns at affordable prices, our partnerships with leading designer  brands such as Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren enable us to source some truly fantastic  high-end options.

Services Galore 

  • Personalized attention that will give you all  the help needed to find that magic rug
  • Toll free lines to talk to experts that will  help you zero in on the rug you need
  • Around the year free shipping
  • Return policy within 30 days of sale, no  questions asked. (the product has to be in a saleable condition)

…that’s not it!

We have, with great difficulty, partnered with some of the  leading and hard to find brands like Surya and Momeni. In our collection, you  can find more than 2000 styles and that too of different sizes.

Contact Us

Once you have our rugs on your floor, walking will become  the new way to relax! So reach us at 866-PLZ-RUGS  (866-759-7847) (toll free) and we will be  happy to answer any question you may have.