The Top 8 Most Ridiculous Rug Commercials

The rug business is rich and varied, from high-end designer boutiques to massive, warehouse carpet outlets. But one thing's for sure: Rug and carpet dealers sure can come up with some wacky commercials. Here are some of our favorites, for your viewing pleasure:

Harry Schillings from Spring Carpets is flying high. Want him to measure you?

And here he is again: "This ain't your mama's linoleum!"

Stanley Steamers, while a rug cleaner instead of retailer,
has an interesting take on how rugs get dirty.

Tousi Rugs: Their showroom is apparently an aphrodisiac.

Royal hali reklami: They love their rugs in Turkey.

Baystate Rug and Flooring: Bad flooring?!?!
The affable and British Mr. Allens to the rescue.

Carpet Factory Outlet: Back to the Future!

JD Carpets: Bad carpet is a crime.