Shag Rug Colors and Patterns

Shag rugs come in many colors and patterns, from the earthy browns, blacks and grays to vibrant oranges, pinks, blues and purples. Choosing the right color shag is important to tie a room together; one must consider existing décor, color scheme, and space usage.

First, take into account the furniture in the room where your shag will go. Brightly colored or patterned shag rugs can immediately command one’s attention; a bold color or pattern should be paired with a neutral or moderately toned set of furniture. So if you are looking to update or revamp a drab, lackluster space with boring furniture, simply choosing a bright red cotton shag or a geometrically-shaped polyester shag can immediately spice up your space.

On the opposite end, a room with eclectic furniture, ornate décor, or bold-colored walls may necessitate a neutral-colored shag. Brown shag rugs and other earthy tones are great for a traditional-styled or already decorated spaces. Or if your design incorporates patterns with a common color scheme, try a similar colored shag to tie in all the elements and create a central, orderly theme. You can even find a multi-colored rug that incorporates many elements into the space, allowing for a range and choice of décor to furnish the room.

In choosing a color shag rug, one must also consider the usage of the space. For example, even though a study or library may incorporate rather neutral furnishings, a gray or brown shag rug may not necessarily make the space boring; instead it adheres to the calm, subdued ambiance that is necessary for work without distraction. Or a brightly-colored child’s room may contain a pink bed and pink furniture, but a pink shag rug may just be the finishing touch for a 5-year-old girl.