Shag Rug Texture and Length

Shag rugs come in all different styles and lengths, from the shorter, fluffy variety to those with long and loose, silky fibers. Selecting the right type and length of yarn is important in finding the ideal shag rug for your space.

Shorter shags with thicker tufts of material are ideal for those who prefer a very comfortable rug with a lot of natural fibers. Wool tends to be much thicker than other fibers, thus creating a fluffy texture. These can be easily vacuumed and scrubbed clean by hand or with a professional shampoo machine. Shag rugs with a higher pile density may require professional cleaning simply because the dirt tends to get trapped in the fibers.

Long- fibered shag rugs can make a much more powerful statement, with trendy varieties. Thinner, long fibers create a soft fur-like feel, while a long, shaggy eyeball fiber can be thicker and showcase a trendy addition to your space. Long-fibered shag rugs require a different type of cleaning, like rug brushes with long tines to reach the dirt and dust that can find its way into your rug. At times, it may be difficult to vacuum a long-fibered shag rug as the lengthy yarn can get caught. Long-fibered shag rugs may also be more difficult to maintain for those with pets, as the animal hair will be harder to remove. But if you have a smaller shag rug, it is very easy to remove dirt; since the fibers are further apart, simply shaking the rug will allow any dust or dirt to fall out.