Unique Carpets Ltd

The world of rugs and carpets is vast and comprehensive, with some extremely high-quality options made from the finest materials. So when a manufacturer like Unique Carpets, Ltd comes along and raises the bar on quality and style, it's important to take notice.

Unique Carpets, Ltd has been producing some of the finest quality rugs since 1985. They quickly built a reputation for impeccable quality, high attention to detail, and first-rate customer service that has earned them customers of which other rug manufacturers can only dream, namely the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas and private residences of the who's who in Hollywood, not to mention Fortune 500 executives. Their products can be found in some of the most exclusive shops and boutiques in the country.

The rugs at Unique Carpets, Ltd range from smaller, decorative items to high-performance, commercial-grade carpets meant to withstand heavy traffic. One may find carpets in tufted or woven wool, nylon, and sisal, among others, in area rugs or full carpets.

One particular rug to note is the very-popular Shagtastic: Each rug in the collection is hand-crafted individually from wool around the world for a beautiful blend of textures and opulence. Customers may tailor a rug specifically to their tastes, choosing color and styles to create a unique masterpiece all their own. Shagtastic carpets from Unique Carpets, Ltd not only serve as a functional and luxurious asset to a space, they also bring a work of art to a design.

While simply beautiful, high-quality rugs may be enough, Unique Carpets, Ltd also dedicates time and effort to ensuring their products are environmentally-friendly, using only 100% wool and all natural products to preserve and protect the rugs. They also offer advice and tips for rug and carpet care to help their customers maintain their products for years to come.

For the highest-end and best quality in rugs and carpets, one can't go wrong with Unique Carpets, Ltd. PlazaRugs.com is proud to carry these wonderful rugs for our customers.