What are shag rugs?

Shag rugs are commonly known as the vintage-style décor from the ‘60s and ‘70s, but these plush, warm carpets actually date back to the ancient Greeks, who wove warm and shaggy Flokati rugs from goat’s wool. What distinguishes shag rugs from regular carpet is the density of its fibers: shag rug yarns are loosely woven so that the fibers are further apart from each other, allow each one to lay in a different direction. Today the shag rug has made a comeback, and they’re not just for vintage decorating anymore.

Shag rugs add texture, color, and warmth to any space; in essence, they are an extraordinary component to mold the design of your space. A shag rug, with its splendid character and fabric, can either serve as an earthy backdrop to a living area, or it can pop as a room’s focal point.

Offered in many different fabrics, lengths, colors and designs, shag rugs can add a beautiful contemporary feel in addition to its classic, funky vintage looks. But it can be difficult to choose the exact shag that works best for your home: Should you go with an authentic wool shag rug or a contemporary leather shag? Brown shag or pink shag? With so many different styles and designs, you may be searching for guidance. This website serves as a how-to of sorts to find that perfect shag rug, considering fabric, color, pattern, texture, and length.

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