Wool Rugs

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If you are looking for the right Wool area rugs, those that are constructed of all natural fibers, we believe you are at the right place! Plaza Rugs natural wool rugs are available from 2' x 3'' through 12' x 18'. It would be an excellent idea to get a rug pad that same size to make sure it does slip when you step on it.

What makes wool rugs great is that they are fire resistant naturally and biodegradable. To give these rugs the color they need, they are dyed with natural pigment and they do not use any abrasive dyes of any sort. What makes the rugs unique is the fact that our manufacturers use little or no synthetic backings and adhesives. Our wool rugs come with a natural backing made of jute or cotton fiber.

When buying your natural wool are rugs from us, please contact us if you need rubber grip pads. If you are looking for that additional cushion for every step you take then is the route you need to take. When you couple these awesome rugs and our pads together, you don't have to be worried about your rugs giving off any gases so you air quality should be better than using anything synthetic. One thing most people don't know about these rugs us that they tend to last longer than rugs made of synthetic fibers.